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What Is a Site Evaluation?

During a site evaluation, we will come to your home or business (or vacant lot if you are planning to build) and we will evaluate the solar potential of your site. We’ll climb on the roof of your house and take the measurements necessary to design your system. We’ll use a solar SunEye and/or pathfinder to accurately assess the orientation and solar potential of your roof or ground mount site. We’ll look at your home’s electrical system to determine how we will connect your solar array to your service panel and the utility grid. We will look at your energy bills to determine how much electricity you are currently consuming and how much of this load various sized PV systems would cover over the course of an average year.

Finally, we’ll sit down with you so you can share your goals regarding generating your own green power. We’ll answer all your questions about costs, financial incentives, location options, various system sizes, maintenance (there really is none), and whatever else you can throw at us. Within a few days of the site evaluation we’ll send you a written bid for one or more PV systems and an installation contract.

When we come to your site to do a detailed, physical site evaluation, our fee is $150. If you purchase a PV system through us, we’ll credit this amount towards the purchase of your PV system. We accept local currencies or pre-1965 coins at current spot value for this site evaluation fee.