Michael did a very thorough job of explaining the benefits, and return on investment analysis. That made it easy to make a decision. The install crew was professional and very positive. We had a sub-panel that had some issues, wasn’t really part of the install, but Power Trip provided a professional electrician to upgrade the sub-panel to code. After install service has been very good as well. Office personnel are very sharp. The net meter helps us track our solar production on a monthly basis. The system is performing to original specs.  – April 6, 2017


We had contemplated a solar system for some time. Friends were sold on their systems and this company. We attended one of their presentations and decided to get a quote. From the home evaluation, system design, installation and follow up everything was handled professionally. We had some cosmetic concerns regarding the conduit run and meter location and they met our concerns very nicely. The installation was done very professionally and on time. The system included a new, wireless monitor that required some modification to work with our power supply. This required additional visits and time and they kept at it until everything was correct. The entire process was on time and on budget. They coordinated the paper work with our local utility and the State. I would highly recommend this team for adding solar power to your home. – January 30, 2017


Power Trip Energy did a very professional job of installing our system. There was an issue with the production meter but it was resolved within a short time.  – January 25, 2017


The group from Power Trip Energy Corp were professional in all areas. They explained in great detail how solar panel work, assessed the benefits of panels at our home, gave us a very reasonable estimate, completed the work on time and on budget, and then showed us how to track our electrical usage and savings. I highly recommend this firm if you are interested in installing solar panels at your home.  – January 12, 2017


On time, at budget, and a smooth process conducted by courteous and thoughtful sales, installation, and management personnel. Friendly, consumer oriented, safety conscious company.  – January 12, 2017


Upon our request several years ago, Power Trip Energy Corp visited our home, educated us about our options, and provided us with a comprehensive, well-explained quote. When we were finally ready to go ahead with our project last year, throughout the entire process they were responsive and thorough. We liked the fact that they followed through on their timelines and commitments. They coordinated smoothly with our local Public Utility District and they patiently answered all of our questions. Every representative of the company impressed us with their positive, friendly customer service attitude. Early on, before signing a contract, we attempted to gather multiple quotes, but we were told by a competing company that “Power Trip is a great company and we can’t beat their service or their prices.” The only reason that we’re not giving them five stars is because our system is very new and we’ve only had a couple of (winter) months” experience with it. We have every reason to believe it will perform as promised. – March 17, 2016


We have found Power Trip Energy to be an excellent provider/installer of solar panels & related equipment. From their response to our initial contact and consultations about design through complete installation, they have been consistently polite, patient with our questions, and on-time in meeting their promised deadlines. Their busy schedule means that there is a time lag before work can be completed, but they were up front from the start about their schedule. We highly recommend them. – March 11, 2016


We can only repeat the comments of those who were completely satisfied with Power Trip energy. They kept us informed, completed our project as promised, and did it with a smile. – March 9, 2017


Best thing I ever did…thanks. – March 9, 2017


Everyone I worked with was great, and they had excellent follow-through on everything that needed to be done. I can’t fault them for the delay on the installation as they were extremely busy during that season. They graciously gave extra time with improving the aesthetics of the conduit placement, for which I am very grateful. The project was well sized for my needs and the solar panels have worked flawlessly, so that I have been able to keep my home electric usage at net-zero throughout the entire winter. – March 8, 2017


I attended two presentations given by Power Trip Energy, both very informative. I am extremely satisfied with my new solar array. Installation without any issues, onsite crew very polite, left the area clean. Jeff Randall made the entire process very easy. I am looking forward to many years of renewable energy. – June 13,2015


I attended a presentation on solar power last December given by Power Trip Energy. After digesting the information provided and asking for and contacting customers, we decided to have PTE install a 9.5 KW system. They did a very professional job. Their installers were courteous, met the schedule they proposed, and charged what they had promised (no hidden add-ons). In the first 6 weeks of operation (19 February to 1 April), the system generated 900 kwh of power. With the Washington State rebate, that equates to $225, in February/March in Bremerton (near Seattle)! We are very pleased! – May, 2, 2015


Workmanship was very professional. The crews were clean, prompt and very polite. – February 5, 2015


All of the people we had contact with at Power Trip Energy were excellent, from the initial solar feasibility analysis, to the installation and hook-up, to the back office paperwork and liaison with our local utility, they were all friendly, very capable and efficient and easy to work. They are a great company, and best of all they really believe in what they do. I would highly recommend them to anyone. – February 3, 2015


Our residential solar array installation was completed in December of 2014. It was exciting to see that on the wet cloudy days the system produced electricity! We are really looking forward to those long sunny summer days. The Power Trip Energy staff and crews were professional, knowledgeable and very helpful as we went through the learning process, setup and actual energy production from the ground mounted solar array. The quality of work was excellent and the support along the way has been very helpful. If you are considering solar power, I highly recommend contacting Power Trip Energy for your project. – December 30, 2014


John was very helpful every step of the way. We felt very well informed about choices and options. He was always ready to quickly respond to questions via phone and email. He tool care of all of the paperwork which was great. – November 30, 2014


Have been impressed with the whole process which we found helpful and effective. We liked their workmanship and everything went according to plan. We now have a 9.81 KW system and are very pleased. Only reason we didn’t give 5 stars is that we have yet to see if the estimated yearly output proves reasonably accurate. Also, both the State electrical inspector and local energy provider commented on the quality of the workmanship. – September 29, 2014


I was very pleased with Power Trip personnel from start to finish. The sales personnel were not pushy, yet very helpful in answering questions. The installation was done well and quickly, after some issues with the foundations for the poles were worked out, there were large tree roots in the way. They were also helpful with post-installation questions. We are considering expanding our system and would definitely go with Power Trip again, if we do. – September 25, 2014


We worked with Jeff Randall at Power Trip Energy for more than a year (he was incredibly knowledgeable and patient with us), to determine our overall system requirements. Our goal was to create an array that was large enough to supply all of our annual electricity. We revised & refined the design of our system multiple times, specifically located the array for maximum sun exposure, and selected domestically manufactured PV panels & inverters (which have a 10 year manufacturer”s warranty). We are VERY happy with this system, and enjoy watching our electric meter spin backwards! When combining the Local & Federal incentives, along with rebates & the value of the electricity that we generate, we estimate that our system will completely pay for itself in about 8 years. After that, it”s free electricity for life! Power Trip is a very professional organization, and we would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Go Solar with Power Trip…you will not be disappointed! – September 21, 2014


Power Trip provided us with excellent service. The technicians that came to our house were very professional, no loud music, and did not disrupt our lives at all during installation. Power Trip provided us with cost estimates, review solar panels, projected energy output, the permitting process prior to the installation and all numbers were accurate. Power Trip took care of the permits and all the necessary paperwork for our rebates. – September 9 2014


Power Trip provided excellent customer service from the start. Very prompt and helpful, thorough explanations. The installation was very smooth and quick, and they did a great job following up with operating instructions and all the paperwork. – August 14, 2014


We bought a Solar Evaluation by Power Trip Energy at a charity auction. We were impressed with the evaluation process and quickly decided to install solar panels. We appreciated the information shared about solar financing through Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union. Very positive experience in all regards and very pleased how easy it all was. – August 1, 2014


This company was thorough, accurate, knowledgeable, courteous, professional and was willing to listen to the customer’s input. I felt that John and I with our combined knowledge put the best system possible for our home. I am planning to put a second system on our home next year.  – July 21, 2014


From first contact through start up it has been a positive experience. Very knowledgeable and professional interaction.  – July 30, 2014


The install crew was not only on time but also were very safety conscious. I”m retired from the electrical.  – June 30, 2014