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Andy Cochrane President and Company Founder andy@powertripenergy.com

Andy founded Power Trip Energy in September 2002 and handles site evaluations, system design, and administration.  As a long-time resident, his love of the Olympic Peninsula drove him to create a company to work to make the inevitable growth as sensible as possible. Andy graduated from Port Townsend High School in 1986.  He started college at WSU, then moved to California, and eventually received degrees in Marine Biology and Zoology from Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA.  During and after college, his career was oriented towards technical sales, designing and selling computer network systems through the early 90’s, later directing sales and marketing for a commercial mill working company in Arcata. Andy believes that solar power is the best way for most people to create electricity, and that compared to hydro-carbon-derived energy, the environmental benefits are tremendous, and socially, the benefits of individual power production are emancipating.  Andy sees that the benefits of developing localized power sources are important to the long-term health of the local economy. 

SteveSteve Carr  Co-Founder, Journeyman Electrician, Electrical Administrator, and Installation Manager stevec@powertripenergy.com
NABCEP-PV-Install Mark

Steve is a co-founder of Power Trip Energy and a journeyman electrician who handles all our installations.  Another PTHS graduate, Steve has resided in Jefferson County since 1979. Steve’s first opportunity to work with solar technology came when he was serving as a heavy equipment operator and fleet operations supervisor at McMurdo Station, Antarctica where he served seasonally from 1993 – 2002.  The highlight of Steve’s experience came in 2002 when he completed a 1,900 mile traverse with the French Antarctic Expedition from Dumont ‘dur Ville (the place where March of the Penguins was filmed) inland to Concordia, a multinational French-British-Italian base about 150 miles from the South Pole. Upon returning to Jefferson County, Steve joined a local electric firm to earn his stripes as an electrician with the goal of eventually specializing in solar electric installations. His wife Cami, and three children were very happy in 2005 when Steve installed a 2.28 KW system on their home (later upgraded to 6 kw.)  In his spare time Steve enjoys road cycling and spotting homes with solar electric systems on their roofs.  

Steve and Andy crossed paths professionally in 2003 (they have been friends since 8th grade) when Steve was helping a customer install an off-grid solar power system and Andy was brought in as a solar consultant for the job. That cooperative effort inspired Andy and Steve to co-found Power Trip Energy Corp. in 2004.   Bringing Steve on board allowed the company to convert from being a solar consulting company to a fully qualified, electrical contracting firm specializing in the sale, design, and installation of grid-tied solar electric systems 



MichaeSlater Solar Agent michaels@powertripenery.com

Michael joined Power Trip Energy in June 2016 to be apart of our Solar Design team. For the past 15 years he’s worked as Fine Wine consultant out of Georgia. He has a degree in Biological Science from Darton College and Computer Programming from Athens Technical. He is enthusiastic to be apart of a team that works hard to educate others on how much solar can impact our lives and our local community. 

He is a father to 3 beautiful kids and enjoys spending as much time as he can enjoying the local sites that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.      


Brian Thornberry Solar Agent brian@powertripenergy.com

Brian joined Power Trip Energy in October of 2017. His previous experience includes years of technical electrical sales and management. His skill set brings a new dynamic to our solar sales team. He is excited to excel in a field with new opportunities.

Brian enjoys taking adventures with his two golden retrievers, exploring new places and traveling abroad to learn about different cultures.


Nicole Mason Business Manager nicole@powertripenergy.com 

Nicole joined Power Trip in November of 2007.  She is another proud graduate of Port Townsend High School (class of 1999). Nicole has long been interested in conserving energy and in the potential of solar power to generate clean, renewable energy.  This interest is largely derived from Nicole’s family life as she and her husband Travis are the proud parents of two children (Isabella and Isaiah).  Nicole feels it is our responsibility as adults to leave our world a better place for our children and grandchildren.  



Brittany Kilmer Solar Coordinator brit@powertripenergy.com 

Brittany joined Power Trip Energy in early 2016 with an enthusiastic attitude and desire to learn about solar! She’s normally your first point of contact when calling Power Trip Energy. She’ll gather information about your home and your goals for solar! She’ll take the time to answer questions and schedule your site evaluation with a solar agent. She’s also in charge of creating our advertisements and coordinating our upcoming events! 

Brittany is a native of Colorado and moved here with her family in 2007. She is a Chimacum High School graduate (Class of 2010). Prior to working with Power Trip Energy, she was a teller at a local credit union where striving for excellent customer service was of great importance. She and her husband Ben with their 2 boys and loving dog enjoy walks on the beach and bike rides around town.


Caleb Peacock Electrician/Solar Installer

Caleb joined Power Trip Energy in May 2007 and is now one of the most experienced solar electricians in the state. Caleb thoroughly enjoys installing solar electric systems.  “When I was holding the solar panel in my hands for the first installation, it felt like a good dream.  I had my hands on a piece of technology which was creating something that is going to last.  It feels like we are in the early stages of what is going to happen, what is going to underpin the new economy.  It feels like I am a part of a project that everyone should be a part of, not necessarily doing solar, but being part of saving the earth.” A PTHS grad Class of 1993, Caleb holds a degree in English Literature from Carleton College in Northfield, MN.  



Jacob Middleton Electrician/Solar Installer

Jacob has been with Power Trip Energy for around 6 years. He enjoys spending time out on the ocean with his beautiful sailboat “Grace”. He enjoys working with Power Trip Energy because being apart of a company that promotes renewable energy growth is important for our local community to be energy independent. 




Dan Anderson Solar Installer

Dan started with the  Power Trip Energy Install crew in June 2015. His background includes being a Nuclear Trained Mechanic for the US Navy for 11 years,  13 years as a foreman for residential concrete construction, and 6 years as a carpenter for 2 local companies. He is an avid environmentalist and is thankful to be apart of a company that shares his views on creating renewable energy for future generations. 

Dan and his wife Steph and their two daughters live in Port Townsend. They enjoy riding bikes, hiking and going camping around the Pacific Northwest. They enjoy going to local festivals and being apart of a community with such diversity.



Geoff Taylor Solar Installer

Geoff joined Power Trip Energy Install crew in April 2015. His background includes working at a local resort for the past 14 years. He was excited to take the opportunity to have a job with consistent hours and scheduling. He appreciated the values that Power Trip Energy has to offer with valuing their employees needs and family life!

He and his wife Amy have 3 beautiful kids that enjoy bowling and going out to watch a movie. They also enjoy playing on the water of the cool Pacific Northwest and golfing the courses around the Peninsula. 


Holly Cochrane  –  Office Assistant

Holly has been helping maintain the web page and has been performing correspondence and data base maintenance in the office.  We are hopeful she will learn skills here that will serve her future employers well.





HiE Graham (1280x960)Graham Carr Electrical Administrator (Retired in 2012)Graham (Steve’s dad) is a master electrician who assisted with solar system installations and was our electrical administrator.  Graham joined Power Trip in 2004 after a career as an aircraft electrician and maintenance electrician in Alaskan canneries, Oregon sawmills, and at Jefferson General Hospital, before joining Power Trip Energy.  Graham enjoys helping people live lighter on the planet by making their own green power, and remains available to us in his retirement, assisting with wise counsel when asked.



Industry Affiliations and Certifications
Logo- SunPower Elite Dealer - Badge Version (png format)-2 SunPower Advanced Certified logoWe were proud to become the first SunPower Dealers in Washington State in 2009, bringing this very high quality product into our local markets.  We recently were promoted from Premier to Elite dealers based on our sales volume, and our continuing education through SunPower University.  We also have several employees that are Certified Advanced by SunPower in various aspects of Design and Installation.  

SolarWorld Authorized Installer SolarWorld also now has an Authorized Dealer program, which required an audit of some of ourPSE CAN Specialist logo installations.  We were pleased to receive an A+ during their audit process in 2013.

We are members of PSE’s Contractor Alliance Network, which has various requirements certifying the quality and integrity of our work.


Apollo2004Then-Congressman, now Governor Jay Inslee and Andy Cochrane discuss national energy policy at the New Apollo Energy Project Forum, April 13, 2004, Seattle, WA.    



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