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Bremerton Chamber of Commerce

Power Trip Energy is a general contracting firm composed of capable individuals dedicated to improving the future of our community and our state through the use of renewable energy technologies.  We currently specialize in the design and installation of grid-tied PV systems in Western Washington.


Our mission is to educate our community and facilitate installation of solar technologies.  We promote, design, and install renewable energy systems that are efficient, reliable, and cost-effective, and we have fun doing it.  We have a reputation of innovation, quality, reliability, and financial sensibility.

There are many reasons why you may be interested in controlling your own personal energy policy. We look forward to working with you to accomplish your goals in this regard, whatever they may be.

As of early 2014, we have installed over 2 MW of grid-tied pv on over 400 homes and small businesses.  We provide the finest renewable energy technologies for your home to help you reduce your energy usage and harvest the free and abundant energy that surrounds us.

The new Holiday Inn Express hotel and conference center in Sequim, WA features a 10.34 kW solar PV array on the Clallam PUD grid.  This system was completed in August 2010.   

"To all the employees of Power Trip Energy!  Thanks for the awesome solar installation, you have motivated me to save more energy and promote solar power even more.  I look forward to watching the sun!"  Kevin Koski - Bremerton, WA.
"I have been surfing the website that Enphase Energy posted showing all the sites across the country where Enphase systems have been installed.  I have looked at systems that are comparable to ours and it seems that even though some of these systems are in places where you would expect much better performance (Hawaii, California, Arizona) that our system performs just as good if not better.  I feel this has to do more with installation exptertise than location.  Makes me feel good about the choice I made regarding power Trip Energy."  Richard and Joanne Rowell - Kingston, WA

"By generating our own clean electricity, our family is reducing air pollution while being energy independent. And we're doing it now so that our children can inherit a better world." - Stuart MacRobbie - Sequim, WA

"Thank you Power Trip!  We are so excited about our solar panels!  They look great and we are certain they will pay off in oh so many ways!  Every single member of your team is professional, reliable and pleasant.  Hope you are wildly successful!" - Kathryn and Neil Lamka - Port Ludlow, WA

"Dear Power Trip Team, Thank you so much for the work you did for us. It's been great to work with you all, from the office support to the sales staff, all the way through the electricians and the guys on the job. You do quality work and a thorough job and you clean up after your-selves! We couldn't ask for more!" - Susan and Ernie Kroll


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