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Power Trip Energy is dedicated to improving the future of our community and our state through the use of renewable energy technologies.  We specialize in the design and installation of grid-tied PV systems on the Olympic and Kitsap Peninsulas, and have installed over 2 MW of grid-tied pv on over 400 homes and small businesses since 2003.  Call us for the finest renewable energy technologies to help you reduce your energy usage by harvesting the free and abundant solar energy that surrounds us.

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SunPower and SolarWorld Both Ranked in Top 5 in Study of Environmental Aspects of PV Manufacturing

The Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition is renowned for conducting in-depth studies regarding the environmental and labor policy aspects of high tech manufacturers.  In this year’s study of the top solar PV manufacturers, SunPower has ranked #2, and SolarWorld has ranked #4.  We are proud to be SunPower Preferred Dealers and members of SolarWorld’s Authorized Dealer Network.  Also of note, SunPower was recently the first pv manufacturer to receive certification from the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute which I wrote about recently.

Congratulations are in order for top-ranked Trina, and #3 rated Yingli – both top Chinese manufacturers.  While we are not currently offering Chinese manufactured products, we respect these company’s commitment to environmental cleanliness despite the lack of environmental regulations in their country of origin.  Norway’s REC, with a major presense in Moses Lake, WA, rounds out the top 5.  Of note, all five members of the Top 5 are dedicated PV manufacturing companies, focusing entirely on one product, and bringing a philosophy of vertical integration to their process.  This may indicate that the mindset and ethic of the corporate leadership has a holistic understanding of the whys behind the hows of solar.

Shame to Panasonic, Sharp, Samsung, and Hyundai – all major electronics manufacturers and major PV manufacturers on the global market who all scored near the bottom of the list.  Get with the program!

What is the environmental score of your pv array?  Read the full report at the link below, and heed the advice of the authors:  “Use this scorecard to help choose a manufacturer that is committed to high environmental and worker safety standards for PV module manufacturing.”    Hint: if you don’t know who made your cells, that may not be good.


8 KW SunPower pv array on shop in Sequim, June 2014

8 KW SunPower pv array on shop in Sequim, June 2014

Recognizing Net Metering is Unstoppable, Utilities Try to Raise Monthly Base Charges

Pacific Power (wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy) proposed to nearly double the monthly fixed charge to residential customers, from $7.75 to $14/month.  Washington’s AG recommends denial to the UTC.


Fixed rate charges are “the biggest threat to energy efficiency and clean energy the U.S. faces.” – Jim Lazar, Sr. Advisor, Regulatory Assistance Project.


The attached article below is a review of several utility efforts across the country to either raise special monthly charges on net metering customers, or everybody.  These efforts became widespread as a result of the Edison Electric Institute’s recent paper on “Disruptive Challenges” calling attention to what has been affectionately dubbed “The Utility Death Spiral.”  While rumors of Utility Death Spiral may be premature, efforts to undermine your ability to benefit from personal renewable energy adoption are real.


Risley - Cropped

9.7 kw of SolarWorld modules installed in Chimacum, the solar capital of the central Quimper Peninsula. Roger is standing in tomorrow’s orchard.

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