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Power Trip Energy is dedicated to improving the future of our community and our state through the use of renewable energy technologies.  We specialize in the design and installation of grid-tied PV systems on the Olympic and Kitsap Peninsulas.  We have installed over 2 MW of grid-tied pv on over 400 homes and small businesses.  We provide the finest renewable energy technologies for your home to help you reduce your energy usage and harvest the free and abundant energy that surrounds us.

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Local Utilities Could Benefit By Targeting Transportation Market

Utilities should look for ways to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles, including working to increase public charging infrastructure, and recognize the opportunities for increased revenue through electricity sales to this new market.

Some people within utilities are spreading fear about lost revenues due to the uptake of distributed renewable energy generation and decreased consumption through energy efficiency improvements.  They are wasting their time decrying the inevitable, and more importantly, they are missing the opportunity right in front of them.

In an article here by Elias Hinkley, the point was made that by encouraging conversion of our transportation fleet from of liquid fuel vehicles to electric vehicles, there is a huge untapped opportunity awaiting electrical utilities.

The benefits are many:

- the utilities can maintain revenue growth despite the adoption of distributed renewable energy and energy efficiency

- electricity can be made locally thereby benefitting the local economy rather than oil company tyrants

- cars would be cleaner, our cities and streets more pleasant for people who choose to breathe air

- globally we would be contributing less carbon into the atmosphere


Here at Power Trip Energy, in addition to our 10 kw of pv arrays, we have two Level II fast chargers available to the public for free.  We see old friends and meet new folks every day who regularly use the solar-generated electricity we choose to give away.  It is fun to consider the amount of miles driven without these folks needing to buy gasoline.  We have been a destination for many tourists from out of the area despite the fact that our shop is not in the most convenient or desirable location for tourists.  The trnsit stop is only 1/4 mile walk from here, and we are right on the Larry Scott Trail into town.  The Broken Spoke bike shop will drop off a rental bike for people who make pre-arrangements before their visit.

In Jefferson County, the citizenry has already demonstrated leadership through the high per capita adoption of electric vehicles and solar pv.  The question now is whether we will help our leaders see the benefits of following our example, or will we allow our leaders to retain old-school thinking and impede our progress.

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Federal Solar Incentives

Since 2006, we have had a very generous Federal Tax Credit for solar photovoltaic equipment – a 30% Investment Tax Credit.  For most of our clients this is a straight-forward tax credit taken on Form 5695 for individuals and Form 3468 for businesses.

While many people hold the opinion that the Federal government needs to do more to support renewable energy, we feel that a 30% tax credit is generous.  The improvement we would wish for federal energy policy would be to remove the myriad explicit and hidden subsidies for the standard centralized and polluting energy sources.

This solar tax credit expires in 2016, and we see little chance of it’s extension.  So this 2016 date is a good deadline for you to install solar if you are unable to do so immediately.

For businesses, there are also special depreciation rules which can help decrease your tax burden, however these seem to change every year and during the year, so please consult your tax professional regarding depreciation of solar energy systems for your business.


SEIA maintains a good explanatory web page here:

The primary IRS site for residential solar tax credits:,-Residential-Energy-Credits

The primary IRS site for commercial solar tax credits:,-Investment-Credit-2



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“To all the employees of Power Trip Energy!  Thanks for the awesome solar installation, you have motivated me to save more energy and promote solar power even more.”

Kevin Koski - Bremerton, WA.

“By generating our own clean electricity, our family is reducing air pollution while being energy independent. And we’re doing it now so that our children can inherit a better world.”

Stuart MacRobbie - Sequim, WA

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