This year in Olympia is a “short session” for our part-time legislature.  Solar Washington has published a summary of the various energy-related bills, several of which have the potential to make significant progressive steps for our state.  I encourage you to take a look and see which of these bills might excite you to contact your representatives.

SSB (Senate Substitute Bill) 5223 is the bill that affects homeowners considering grid-tied solar PV systems most directly by increasing the threshold of the net metered capacity required of utilities from 0.5% to 4% of the 1996 peak load.  We have exceeded the current threshold in every utility district on the Olympic Peninsula, and we have seen one regressive utility mired in some backsliding that has a negative impact on our clients.  This bill would incur no costs to the state or utilities and would remove the potential for impediments which discourage individuals from investing in clean energy for their homes and communities.

I encourage you to read and support this improvement to our state’s net metering, which will bring our thresholds into the 21st century.


11.7 KW SunPower array – Sequim – December 2018