Get a free Dewalt lithium yard tool of your choice or EV charging equipment when you order a solar array in the month of February.

If you are like me, you love being in your yard.  Most of our clients spend a fair amount of time and energy to create beauty, perhaps grow some tasty food, and generally work to make their yards into nice outdoor spaces in which to spend time.  At my place, it takes a whole lot of work to maintain that space, which I mostly enjoy, but it involves the use of some tools I don’t love.  When you are outdoors you may hear a neighbor running a gasoline mower, a weed whacking string trimmer, or perhaps a landscape service running a leaf blower or hedge trimmer. 

Even the use of a relatively clean four stroke engine results in the burning of gasoline and the resulting noise and pollution.  At my home, I recently added a couple of lithium battery-powered electric yard tools. Some of the ones I looked at a couple of years ago seemed expensive and underpowered, but this year, one tool in particular changed my mind and has set me on the path of electric mowing and trimming.

A friend bought a DeWalt electric lithium chainsaw.  I laughed to myself at first, but my mind quickly changed when he dropped a couple of trees in his woodlot.  It seemed every bit as powerful as my Stihl two stroke chainsaw. True, the battery only lasted enough to cut a couple of trees, so it will not be replacing gas-powered chainsaws for professional lumberjacks anytime soon, but it seems fine for a homeowner that may use a chainsaw for maintenance and clean up or cutting a couple of trees at a time.

That motivated me to try out the new lithium electric DeWalt string trimmer and I was very impressed.  I can run it for over an hour on a single charge, and that is plenty of time weed whacking at once for me at my place.  Shortly after that we got a Ryobi mower and a DeWalt hedge trimmer for heavier brush cutting. These tools all work very well and fulfill my goals of keeping my yard maintained while not burning gas.

In the past, we have run specials wherein we include the installation of Electric Vehicle charging equipment at no cost with a new solar array.  Getting an electric vehicle is probably the biggest change you can make concurrent with installing solar to decrease your carbon emissions.  This summer, we are now going to run a special to encourage you to switch to a cleaner way of maintaining your yard.

When you order a solar pv array 4 KW or larger in the month of July, we will throw in your choice of DeWalt electric lithium mower, or a package including one DeWalt string trimmer and one hedge cutter.  

If you order a larger system of 12 KW or more in the month of July, we will give the choice of either all three of those yard tools, or a Clipper Creek LCS-25 Electric Vehicle charging station (including installation.)

This offer expires July 31st.

Of course our main goal is to install solar on your home, but we also want to do everything we can to make sure we use that clean power for all we can.  While there are complications and disagreements regarding the science and politics of climate change, in general we feel there are indisputable benefits to this goal:

Electrify everything, and make sure that electricity is carbon free.

To learn more, please give us a call or come on one of our upcoming solar home tours.



A – DeWalt lithium cordless 13” String Trimmer and 22” Hedge Trimmer Package (# DCST920B820P1)




B – DeWalt lithium cordless mower (# DCMW220P2)




C – Clipper Creek LCS-25 Level II EV Charging Station