Sunrun announced they have been in business 15 years, becoming the nation’s largest solar installer with installations in 22 states.

Some of the other statistics Sunrun shared in their press release:
  • 11,000 employees
  • 700,000 customers served
  • 5000 MW installed
During the 20 years we have been installing solar here at Power Trip Energy, we have repeatedly made the decision not to grow beyond our small family business size.  The first couple of those 20 years were pretty lean,  as we invested our time in educating the market and laid the groundwork for companies that followed our lead, like Sunrun.
As I review these same statistics for our company, I am reassured that we have made the right choice in staying lean and mean, operating without the inevitable waste inherent to large corporations.  I think these statistics show that our company is significantly more efficient than Sunrun’s in terms of projects installed and MW of pv installed per employee.


  • 10 employees (1/1100 the employees as Sunrun)
  • 1000 customers served (1/700th the number of clients as Sunrun)
  • 6.5 MW solar installed (1/1000 the installed capacity as Sunrun)
Ludicrous comparisons and all kidding aside, congrats to Sunrun, a company that appears to be well-intentioned and effective.  We still prefer to do things our way, and hope you will join our little solar family.

10.5 KW Sunpower Array, Bainbridge Island, WA 2019