Wildberry Farm, 1 KW, Port Townsend, 2004

This project is very dear to our hearts, since Wildberry Farm is the home of the Cochrane Family.  We completed this array the day before the 2004 Solar Home Tour, commencing a tradition of last-minute installations at our own property in order to use them as examples and educational tools.  In this picture Holly is 1 year old and already preparing for her second Solar Home Tour.  This barn is dates back to the 1920’s when this land was originally split off from Yep Suey’s Dairy and became a separate farm.  It had been sinking and settling into the ground and in 2003 we had raised the barn and poured a slab underneath.  The southern wing is newly rebuilt stalls, and the first grid-tied pv array is 6 Sharp 165 watt pv modules, on a SunnyBoy 1800.  Humble beginnings – the old garage seen to the right has been demo’d and a new addition to the home occupies that present space.  See subsequent solar installations at Wildberry Farm here.




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July 1, 2014