Lazerwitz Residence, 3.5 KW, Diamond Point, 2014

Lazerwitz Residence, 3.5 KW,  Diamond Point, 2014

Jay Lazerwitz had us install 3.5 kw of Itek on his studio in Diamond Point, pictured here right after a mountain bike ride together on the trails of the Miller Peninsula, which we rode after I gave him the orientation to his new system.  I’m glad to have a new biking buddy and am always eager to try to get in a quick mid-day bombing run on our great local trails.   This ride gave Jay the chance to fix a broken chain and successfully finish the ride – way to go MacGyver!

Jay is an architect who is a certified Passive House designer, and is involved with the NW EcoBuilding Guild.  Learn more about Jay’s practice at

Residence, 6.88 KW, 2014

Residence, 6.88 KW, 2014

This couple shows off their 2 Eltek 3.8 KW inverters which are connected to a 6.88 KW system comprised of 25 Itek 275 watt modules.