Power Trip Energy Shop – Phase III, 5.81 KW, Port Townsend, 2014

Power Trip Energy Shop – Phase III, 5.81 KW, Port Townsend, 2014

We recently added two new SolarWorld arrays to our shop, both seen on the roof in the photo below.  The western array is clear-framed, and the eastern array uses the black frames.  If you are trying to decide which would look better on your home, perhaps coming here to see both arrays on our shop will help you make this decision.

At a total of 10 kilowatts we are back to making more electricity than we use, even with our two Level II EV charging stations that are becoming more heavily used each month as more people come to take us up on our offer of free energy to recharge your EVs.  Even in the month of November our electric bill for our all-electrically heated shop and office was only for the monthly flat access fee, as we push more clean power onto the grid than we use.

The net metering laws only require that the utility compensate us on our bill up to the amount of power we receive, so any electricity we provide above and beyond what we use is a gift to the Jefferson PUD.  You are welcome!

We don’t recommend systems larger than needed for our clients, but if you DO want to give away some of your extra clean energy, we can help you do that.