Pacific Power (wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy) proposed to nearly double the monthly fixed charge to residential customers, from $7.75 to $14/month.  Washington’s AG recommends denial to the UTC.


Fixed rate charges are “the biggest threat to energy efficiency and clean energy the U.S. faces.” – Jim Lazar, Sr. Advisor, Regulatory Assistance Project.


The attached article below is a review of several utility efforts across the country to either raise special monthly charges on net metering customers, or everybody.  These efforts became widespread as a result of the Edison Electric Institute’s recent paper on “Disruptive Challenges” calling attention to what has been affectionately dubbed “The Utility Death Spiral.”  While rumors of Utility Death Spiral may be premature, efforts to undermine your ability to benefit from personal renewable energy adoption are real.


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9.7 kw of SolarWorld modules installed in Chimacum, the solar capital of the central Quimper Peninsula. Roger is standing in tomorrow’s orchard.