So often I see articles that I find frustrating because of incorrect information or lack of clarity.  In this case, I think Annie Midori Atherton has done an excellent job of speaking to multiple people involved in the clean energy transofrmation in our state and has put together a nice article.

You may need a Seattle Times subscription or to disable ad blockers in order to read this.

The key takeaways that I hope this article communicates to people are:

  • Our nation and especially our state have set ambitious goals for clean energy and have made significant economic commitments to help homeowners install solar.  We will increase our energy generation while decreasing our carbon emissions.
  • Solar works very well if you have a good sunny roof.  Our state’s Net Metering Law protects homeowners and makes certain they get the full value of all of the electricity they produce.
  • While solar is not inexpensive, it is an investment in your house that significantly increases the home value immediately, while saving you money every month for decades to come.  It can be viewed as a hedge against rising energy costs.
  • As the solar market has progressed from mainly early adopters to now mainstream interest, many new companies have entered Washington state and not all of them share the ethic that drove many of us long-timers in the industry to start our businesses.  Buyer beware!  If you feel pressured, if the company is pushing in-house financing, if they can’t tell you about the specific products they are proposing, or if you can’t pick up the phone and talk to the owner, or visit their office – those should all be red-flags that you may not get the best project you have in mind.  The best advice is to make sure you are dealing with a local company that has been around a long time, and that is a member of the Washington Solar Energy Industry Association.  There are criteria for membership that require integrity, and not all businesses that apply for membership meet those standards.

We hope you enjoy this article and are moved to positive action.  We would be happy to speak with you and apply our 22 years of solar installation experience to your home.

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