In a recent international survey conducted among PV system installers, integrators, EPC providers and PV module distributors, there were two interesting findings that align with our business practices here at Power Trip Energy.

Firstly, 99% of these respondents said that module reliability was a more important purchasing factor than price.  We have made this determination long ago.  As a small installer with a single crew and over 400 systems installed in the last 11 years, we are happy to have made the decision to work with high quality equipment, and not necessarily chase the lowest cost per watt.  As a result of our choice, our single crew is always scheduled to be installing a new system, and is very rarely called off in order to be dispatched on a service call.

Secondly, SunPower has come on top again as being rated #1 in highest quality.  Admittedly, this is a survey and so represents opinion and is not a technical study, however we have previously referenced  technical studies that reached the same conclusion.  We are proud to be Authorized SunPower dealers, and we are confident that this strategic partnership will serve us and our customers well over the coming decades.

Read more on this particular survey:–say-solar-customers_100014622/#ixzz2xHFHb64N

We are currently installing SunPower 335 and 327 watt modules, as in this recent wintry installation at Heather and Tony’s home in Port Orchard pictured below.

Heather and Tony