Tesla’s recent product announcement is quite a PR achievement.  Yes I’m sure it is an engineering and manufacturing achievement as well, and hopefully will be increasing efficiency and decreasing cost of home storage.  It is not quite as revolutionary as it appears, and currently unavailable.  I expect we will still be talking people out of batteries for the most part, even after we get our hands on the first Powerwall that becomes available to us, which will most likely be 12-18 months from now.

Tesla hasn’t contacted us yet to partner on these installations.  I have found that a couple of articles from Wired magazine seem to have the same initial perspective that I have, linked below.

In the meanwhile, we will continue to install grid-tied pv so you can make your own energy.  There has never been a better time to install your own solar, and any work we do for you on that front now will be easily integrated with residential storage at a later date, be it from Tesla, SunPower, LG or any of the other Lithium battery products, once they become available and prove themselves reliable and reasonable.

Pictured below is the Lithium battery storage available from SunPower that I viewed a couple of months ago at the SunPower dealer event.  This unit includes the inverter and charge controller, which are necessary but not pictured in all of the Tesla photos so far, nor included in the published pricing.



SunVerge cabinet open

SunVerge cabinet closed