If you have a grid-tied pv system and are enrolled in Washington State’s Renerwable Energy Production Incentive, it is time to make some notes for yourself.  The 2013-2014 production metering year ends on Monday, June 30th, and the 2014-2015 production year starts Tuesday, July 1st.

Many of you know the process, but for many new customers, this will be your first production payment.

Different utilities handle this metering and payment in different ways.  Some of them will take the meter readings themselves (eg PSE and Jefferson PUD), and some may rely upon you to report this reading (eg Clallam PUD).  In either case, we recommend that you also take this reading and keep track of it in order to verify correct payment.  If you have the record of payment you received from last year, this may be the best place to write it down.

All of our grid-tied pv installations have a production meter which measures the accumulated kwh output from the inverters.  This meter reading is the reading to take on June 30.  If you have last year’s reading, if you subtract that, the result is this year’s production.

We would LOVE that production figure for our records as well.  We have mentioned in the past that we are accumulating data to perform statistical analysis to learn what we can about the various brands of equipment, and the micro-climates within which we work.  While we have not been able to complete that study in a scientific manner (the number of variables is challenging) we still want the data for the systems we have installed.  Please e-mail your annual production figure, if you have it, to info@powertripenergy.com.