Here at Power Trip Energy, we have been promoting and Installing roof-mounted solar PV arrays for 20 years.  It makes a lot of sense to us, it has only gotten more attractive over time, and we pride ourselves on helping our clients and making a positive contribution to our community.  Lately there have been a profusion of new companies entering the market, and their claims make us wonder if they have the same motivations we do.  Our friends at Western Solar in Bellingham have been in the business as long as we have and they have built a reputation of honesty, reliability, and competence.  They wrote a nice blog article and we are sharing.  It is a good summary of things to look out for, written in a clear way, less emotional and more level-headed than I could have written it.  “Protect yourself from Solar Scams and High Pressure Sales.”

If you are in Whatcom County, call Western Solar.  If you are in Jefferson, Clallam, or Kitsap Counties, that is what we consider home and we would love to give you straight truth, and a great solar project at a fair price.


15 KW Sunpower, Seabeck, PSE Grid, Feb 2022