We have enjoyed a 30% federal tax credit for just over 10 years.  Sadly this tax credit begins to decrease beginning Jan 1, 2020.  For the year 2020, the federal tax credit will be 26%, and in 2021 will be 22%, before the residential Investment tax credit disappears.

At this point, we can no longer make any new commitments to install systems prior to the end of December.  We will try to get as many done this year as possible, but our schedule is near full, and we are subject to weather, holidays, and short days this time of year.  For customers who sign contracts and provide deposits prior to November 30, if we do not get your project installed by the end of December, we will offer a 6% discount.  This is a good deal for those customers as they will recognize a lower overall project cost, and because a portion of that savings is a discount, that means a lower transaction cost initially, rather than waiting for the tax credit next April 15.  As we naturally get a lower solar output during the winter, the difference in production based on a January installation versus a December installation is the least significant.

So, if installing solar on your home is something you have considered doing “someday”, perhaps today is your best “someday.”  We look forward to hearing from you and installing solar on your home.

9.5 KW SunPower Array, Sequim Bay, July 2019