Doughty Residence, 3 KW, Port Townsend, 2003

Lee Doughty was the first person in Jefferson County to have Power Trip Energy set up a grid-tied pv system at his home.  We were not contractors at this point, and had Lee hire Puget Sound Solar to expertly perform this installation.   The installation used 18 Sharp 165 watt poly-crystalline modules and an SMA SunnyBoy 2500 inverter.

In 2006, Lee had us increase the size of the system.  Lee also journeyed to Belleveue, into the very heart of the beast, to meet with a VP at PSE who was in charge of the billing statements and explain how they were unclear for grid-tied pv customers.  Eventually, PSE has simplified and clarified their statements, and all utilities should look to PSE’s example as to how to provide a statement.


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July 1, 2014